Who We Are

Who are we
In the WPA, we believe that war is not an appropriate response to conflict, which everyone has the right to live without threatening nuclear weapons.
Governments and countries with resources have the responsibility to protect and provide their citizens. What we do in the Peace Federation is providing resources and training for the citizens of the countries.

About the WPA
The WPA is the largest global peace network. Which exist throughout the world in those groups and institutions
We organize the Peace Federation to remove pressure from governments and congresses, and people can work directly.
Through a close relationship with the main and influential members who play a key role in establishing the ways forward for leading peace laws.
As a major coalition and a large network, we are accelerating our common goals.

For 70 years, organizations and governments have been working to establish a secure and universal war without a war. We understand that long-term conflicts require long-term solutions and require foreign policy. But then, after the end of the war and the threat of mass murder, should governments and organizations be able to take action for war-torn and immigrant citizens?
Is the true meaning of peace limited to war and postwar?
All nations are looking at a $ 1.5 trillion Pentagon budget, saying that with one-tenth of this budget, we can provide for more than 20 percent of American children who are poor in basic infrastructure such as school, books, and basic sanitation. do.
But we choose to achieve all these goals without expecting organizations and governments.

Through the creation of resources and training for the citizens of the countries, the WPA creates an opportunity to work directly without dependence on governments and organizations.
Sustainable resources and a healthy society are the principle of economic prosperity in the global arena, and nations that follow these principles will be connected to the World Wide Web without fear of sanctions and threats.