Dr. Karimi Tabasi, at the ceremony of the Independence of Lithuania, which was held on Sunday, March 10th in the Great Hotel of Tehran

Dr. Karimi Tabasi, at the ceremony of the Independence of Lithuania, which was held on Sunday, March 19th, on March 10 in Tehran's Grand Hotel with guests from the Islamic Consultative Assembly and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and a group of businessmen, held the first start-up event in the wake of the expansion of the peace process. Made

The event is sponsored by the World Peace and Peace Ambassador on Peace and Environment, Peace and Entrepreneurship, Peace and Tourism, Peace and Information Technology, Peace and Economy, Peace and Health, Peace and Culture and Arts, Peace and Communications Peace and community, and in support of the hope among the elite, to be awarded three top awards from 5 to 10 million Tomans. Considering the widespread acceptance of this plan, the Lithuanian Consulate in Iran decided to increase the number of selected projects to five options, each with a total of 5 million USD.

The Lithuanian Consulate in Iran also announced that the event will continue, and interested people will be able to present their plans for peace in the coming months.

Mohsen Karimi Tabasi, emphasizing the cooperation between Lithuania and Lithuania on visa issuance, said: Today, the issuance of a visa has been made by the Lithuanian Consulate in Tehran, like other European embassies, and they have received documents from all travelers interested in traveling to the country and visa procedures are being followed. .

"Of course, there are still problems with fingerprinting, which involves traveling to Turkey, but we're in talks with Italy to have fingerprints at the embassy in Tehran," he added.

The diplomat expanded the relations between Iran and Lithuania, especially in the economic field, and stated: "In the past, there was much talk of import from Lithuania, but we are currently looking for exports to this country. In this regard, and given the capacity of the index of drug production in Iran, we have obtained the necessary permits for the export of raw materials to Lithuania, and we hope that next year we will see a good growth in the economic relations between the two countries.


Karimi Tabasi, referring to Lithuania's position on the matter, stated that Lithuania has repeatedly stated that it is a function of the European Union and that Lithuania will continue to support it until Brussels succeeds, and that the country is to expand its cooperation within the framework of the SPIRO And Intex is ready to work in all areas.